Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oldest Bible found in Palestine - Jesus was a servant of God and not God himself - Trinity False

One of the core tenants of Christianity is the Trinity - The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost.  The figure we know of as Jesus is The Son, and the other two are individuated spirits off in the heavens somewhere.  I don't know the theology of it perfectly, but that's the model we all learned in Sunday School (at least, all of us who went to a Christian church while growing up).  The key of this model of the spiritual hierarchy is to make Jesus out to be a Divine intervention into the modern world, where The Father sent his Son down here to Earth to save us all from our selves.  More or less that is the story.  It means that Jesus cannot be a Human, but is a Divine Emissary.  Is that what happened?

A few years ago I wrote about Establishing Control over a Society in which I posited four steps a group could take over a series of generations to control the society for hundreds of years.  It's a long term vision of control in other words.  I do have a hunch that these steps were taken with Christianity where the original real Christianity was subverted in order to become a mechanism for political control over Western Society.

In any case - regardless of all that - this video shows "proof" of an early Bible from a small sect in Jerusalem.  Their Bible discusses Jesus as a Human like you and me, who was acting as a teacher of a body of spiritual training, rather than discussing Jesus as a Divine Emissary.

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