Sunday, January 8, 2012

Occupy Martin Luther King's Birthday .. an Occupy oriented candle-light vigil on Jan 15 2012 honoring Dr. King

How does a global scale leader-less open source no owners movement coordinate a global call for action on a given day?  Say if there is an interest in organizing a global candle-light vigil on Martin Luther King's birthday (Jan 15) how do all the individual branch organizations individually and collectively decide to take part?  Why, someone organizes a conference call, organizes one or two events in their own city, then sends out tweets announcing the conference call, and enrolling the people who show up on the call.

Here I am, I just got off a conference call organizing a global candle-light vigil honoring Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday on Jan 15, 2012 and I'm super excited about the vision and wishing to tell people about this thing.

First, it's very simple.  Candles.. people.. a place to gather at 7pm local time on Jan 15, 2012 .. that's the basic ingredients.  The rest is up to individual groups, in that they pick out locations that make sense for them, they pick out activities to do during the vigil that makes sense for their location, etc.

For example in the call I just listened to, a group in Cincinnati spoke up saying they have sites in Cincinnati related to the Underground Railroad (the path for freedom for black slaves in the early 1800's) and that's the location they're planning to use for their version of the candle-light vigil.  Cool.

A question stated related to this is -- if Martin  Luther King were still alive today and Occupy Wall Street were going on, what would he do?  Why, he'd be there with the Occupy movement, right?  He spoke at length numerous times about economic and social justice, which are the core items of concern in the Occupy movement.

Another aspect of this event is the Occupy movement itself demonstrating it can still organize events even though it's winter-time and most of the encampments have been shut down.

The place(s) to find out more are:-!/J15global

You'll notice the theme - J15Global - J15 meaning Jan 15, and Global meaning, well, a global scope and reach to the event.  Their vision is to have a world-wide series of actions around the world as each time-zone hits 7pm local time on Jan 15.