Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oldest Bible found in Palestine - Jesus was a servant of God and not God himself - Trinity False

One of the core tenants of Christianity is the Trinity - The Father, The Son and the Holy Ghost.  The figure we know of as Jesus is The Son, and the other two are individuated spirits off in the heavens somewhere.  I don't know the theology of it perfectly, but that's the model we all learned in Sunday School (at least, all of us who went to a Christian church while growing up).  The key of this model of the spiritual hierarchy is to make Jesus out to be a Divine intervention into the modern world, where The Father sent his Son down here to Earth to save us all from our selves.  More or less that is the story.  It means that Jesus cannot be a Human, but is a Divine Emissary.  Is that what happened?

A few years ago I wrote about Establishing Control over a Society in which I posited four steps a group could take over a series of generations to control the society for hundreds of years.  It's a long term vision of control in other words.  I do have a hunch that these steps were taken with Christianity where the original real Christianity was subverted in order to become a mechanism for political control over Western Society.

In any case - regardless of all that - this video shows "proof" of an early Bible from a small sect in Jerusalem.  Their Bible discusses Jesus as a Human like you and me, who was acting as a teacher of a body of spiritual training, rather than discussing Jesus as a Divine Emissary.

Hawaii may keep track of all Web sites visited

CNET News is reporting that Hawaii's legislature is considering a proposal to require Internet Service Providers to record every web site their customers visit. The measure, H.B. 2288, says "Internet destination history information" and "subscriber's information" such as name and address must be saved for two years.

The required data is "subscribers information and internet destination history information".  That information includes IP address, domain name, or host name.

The effect of this proposal would be for the government to know every website its citizens look at.  The refrain from a Police song pops into my mind, "every breath you take, every step you take, I'll be watching you".

Hawaii HB2288 - record keeping requirements for Internet Service Providers

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Haiti Social Media Disaster Monitoring Initiative

Homeland Security Given Permission to Monitor (a.k.a. spy on) American Journalists

Haiti Social Media Disaster Monitoring Initiative

2010 Winter Olympics Social Media Event Monitoring Initiative

Homeland Security Given Permission to Monitor (a.k.a. spy on) American Journalists

2010 Winter Olympics Social Media Event Monitoring Initiative

April 2010 BP Oil Spill Response Social Media Event Monitoring Initiative

 April 2010 BP Oil Spill Response Social Media Event Monitoring Initiative

Homeland Security Given Permission to Monitor (a.k.a. spy on) American Journalists
April 2010 BP Oil Spill Response Social Media Event Monitoring Initiative
Supporting documentation for:  Homeland Security Given Permission to Monitor (a.k.a. spy on) American Journalists

Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative Update

Publicly Available Social Media Monitoring and Situational Awareness Initiative (original)

Homeland Security Given Permission to Monitor (a.k.a. spy on) American Journalists

Freedom of the Press?  And how do you define "the Press"?  Are bloggers and social media mavens part of the Press?  And what if the government starts collecting information on those it deems are "the Press"?

Freedom of the Press is a nice principle that isn't really encoded in any laws.  It's not like Freedom of Speech that's so important it was the first Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Freedom of the Press should mean that those of us who self-identify as Press can go about our business without government interference.  There are plenty of examples from around the world, both modern and in the past, of governments afraid of the stories reported by journalists, and they used all sorts of legal leverage against journalists, and in some cases unfairly imprisoning for supposed anti-government sentiments or whatnot, not to mention all the journalists killed under mysterious circumstances.  Freedom of the press is meant to counter that tendency of governments and other powerful people to try to stop certain stories from being published.

RT News is somewhat disingenuously reporting on an effort by the U.S. Homeland Security Department to gather publicly visible information about 'news anchors, journalists, reporters or anyone who may use “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.”'

This is a really broad definition of people because those who keep an audience "situationally aware and informed" includes anybody who routinely posts links to articles on social media networks.  Posting links to those networks is a highly common activity and is undertaken by anybody seriously interested in building an audience.

The project scours the social networks for information, but the DHS claims it is not collecting "Personally Identifiable Information" (PII) .. "While this Initiative is not designed to actively collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), OPS is conducting this update to the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) because this initiative may now collect and disseminate PII for certain narrowly tailored categories."  While they aren't collecting PII they can collect it if necessary such as:  "For example, in the event of an in extremis situation involving potential life and death, OPS will share certain PII with the responding authority in order for them to take the necessary actions to save a life, such as name and location of a person calling for help buried under rubble, or hiding in a hotel room when the hotel is under attack by terrorists."

The authority cited is Section 515 of the Homeland Security Act (6 U.S.C. § 321d(b)(1)

Where the RT News report becomes disingenuous is when they say this:-  "The department says that they will only scour publically-made info available while retaining data, but it doesn’t help but raise suspicion as to why the government is going out of their way to spend time, money and resources on watching over those that helped bring news to the masses."

In other words, RT News is demonstrating a belief that this is somehow new behavior on the part of the U.S. Government.  In truth the Government has been working on what they call "open source intelligence" for years.  Namely, collecting publicly available information for intelligence gathering purposes.  The social media networks make this easy because many of us actively want to be found on those networks which is great if we want to build an audience, but that audience may include Big Brother government agents snooping on our every tweet.

I've written about this plenty of times before:- 
The thing about publicly available information is that it's publicly available.  Complaining about it being collected is a bit silly, really.

However it is troublesome.  For a reason why ponder a factoid about the Jewish Holocaust.  The Nazi government contracted with the IBM subsidiary in Germany to develop machines to assist with gathering and tracking information about the ethnicity of the population.  This was the 1930's and the technology were simple punch cards and automated machines for processing the punch cards, but there's no way in heck you could call these machines "Computers" because those didn't start to come into existence until the 1950's.  In any case no matter how rudimentary the machines IBM could supply at that time, it did enable the German government to efficiently find Jewish people to send to the Concentration camps.

Fast forward to the marvelous computers we have today ..

Some supporting documents:-

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Occupy Martin Luther King's Birthday .. an Occupy oriented candle-light vigil on Jan 15 2012 honoring Dr. King

How does a global scale leader-less open source no owners movement coordinate a global call for action on a given day?  Say if there is an interest in organizing a global candle-light vigil on Martin Luther King's birthday (Jan 15) how do all the individual branch organizations individually and collectively decide to take part?  Why, someone organizes a conference call, organizes one or two events in their own city, then sends out tweets announcing the conference call, and enrolling the people who show up on the call.

Here I am, I just got off a conference call organizing a global candle-light vigil honoring Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday on Jan 15, 2012 and I'm super excited about the vision and wishing to tell people about this thing.

First, it's very simple.  Candles.. people.. a place to gather at 7pm local time on Jan 15, 2012 .. that's the basic ingredients.  The rest is up to individual groups, in that they pick out locations that make sense for them, they pick out activities to do during the vigil that makes sense for their location, etc.

For example in the call I just listened to, a group in Cincinnati spoke up saying they have sites in Cincinnati related to the Underground Railroad (the path for freedom for black slaves in the early 1800's) and that's the location they're planning to use for their version of the candle-light vigil.  Cool.

A question stated related to this is -- if Martin  Luther King were still alive today and Occupy Wall Street were going on, what would he do?  Why, he'd be there with the Occupy movement, right?  He spoke at length numerous times about economic and social justice, which are the core items of concern in the Occupy movement.

Another aspect of this event is the Occupy movement itself demonstrating it can still organize events even though it's winter-time and most of the encampments have been shut down.

The place(s) to find out more are:-!/J15global

You'll notice the theme - J15Global - J15 meaning Jan 15, and Global meaning, well, a global scope and reach to the event.  Their vision is to have a world-wide series of actions around the world as each time-zone hits 7pm local time on Jan 15.