Saturday, November 19, 2011

A key core item to remain focused on .. money in politics?

Supposedly the Occupy movement is going to fail because it isn't focusing on a coherent set of demands.  I think it would be a mistake to focus on one small set of demands, because the real problem with the system is comprehensive, it's built into the design of the system, and the system is fundamentally flawed on many levels.  I also think the people of the Occupy movement know this.

I found this video claiming, however, that we need to "focus on ONE demand", on the CORE problem.  It then replays an amazing rant by Dylan Ratigan about the corrupt system, and the "extraction" of trillions of dollars from America going on.  I've posted this video before, it's an amazing rant.

But does that mean the ONE DEMAND of the Occupy movement should be to take money out of politics?  I agree that's an important goal, but should it be the single sole solitary goal?

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