Saturday, November 19, 2011

Charles Eisenstein on Occupy Wall St as the The Revolution of Love

"You can't evict an idea whose time has come".  The Occupy message is so compelling that it's catching everyone's attention.  But, says Charles Eisenstein says, the movement can't be about defeating the 1%.  That is, we had better not end this with a bloodbath of the rich.  If that's how it ends up, well, we've seen that story before.  For example the French Royalty was killed off in the late 1700's, to be replaced by revolutionaries who then begetted a dictatorial government run by Napoleon who then waged war across Europe.  Defeating the 1% would mean the 99% would create a new 1% who would go back to committing the same sins our current 1% are responsible for.

The more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible, he says, is a more sacred world.  One where the relationships are healing to each other.  For example at its root the exchange of money, he says, is a way of erasing the human element in commerce.  It means that if the food seller gets sick and can no longer produce food, your money can simply go to another food seller.  But if you're in a real relationship with your food provider you might go to their aid when they get sick.

The current world of political discourse doesn't allow for an end goal that would erode the current capitalistic system.  That's why the Police are being deployed to crush the movement.

The current world of political discourse sees its job as preserving the status quo.  Preserving the way things are, even if that way is harmful to us all. 

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