Saturday, October 29, 2011

Master Teacher Calvin explains Occupy Wall Street - Is open revolt and exile is the only hope for Change?

Have a hard time understanding why there might be such a battle between Authority and the people in the street?  There's some ideas that only Master Teacher Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes) can explain.

Open revolt exile

Our relationship with Authority isn't always pleasant.  Sometimes Authority drives us nuts and we want Change.  But what if Authority is unable/unwilling to change?  What if Authority denies us any means of change?  What if Authority denies us any meaningful method to change the conditions of our existence?   What then?

We don't pick our parents, right?  Can't vote them out of office etc.  Okay, some kids do things like divorce their parents but it's extremely rare.  What about in the adult world?  In modern western societies we pick the president and other leaders, right?  We can rally around a cause, vote, and choose leaders.

Or, do we?

The elections are rigged, many say, to favor attributes other than insightful leadership.  Getting media attention (or not) is life (or death) for Candidates.  Almost always the Candidates with media attention are the ones who raise the most money, not the ones with the best leadership ideas.  The distribution of money among politicians is not even, not based on best leadership ideas, etc.  The system favors candidates having pull with rich people/corporations, so they have enough money to get the attention of the media, so they have a chance of getting elected.

But that's just the political offices, how about other Authorities?  Heads of companies, or heads of most other large institutions - none of them are chosen openly.  They can't be voted out of office by normal people.  The CEO of a corporation, they're hired by the Board of Directors in a closed process way in the background.  It's the Elite choosing among the Elite to decide who will remain in positions of Authority.  That's the very definition of Oligarchy, right?

The Pope of the Catholic Church, and leadership of most other churches, are chosen the same way.  In a hidden process, behind closed doors, choosing from between existing elites ..etc..

What's the option?  We the people have no leverage over the leadership decisions of corporations.  Yet, Corporations have massive influence and control over everything that goes on in our supposedly open and free societies.  Who chooses the products in the stores?  Corporations.  Who chooses the production processes, the side effects (including toxic pollutions) from those processes, etc?  Corporations.  Government is supposedly in an oversight role over this but after a few decades of undermining and being weakened by deficit spending and growing government debt, the government is too weak to do much to reign in corporate power.

What's the option?  We live in a society that's supposedly free and open, but controlled by Elites who deny us any meaningful method to change the conditions of our existence.

What's the option?


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