Thursday, October 20, 2011

Libya: The Real U.S. Drone War

Earlier I asked about the drone war being fought in Libya by Western powers ( and wondering about what will be expected of the new Libyan government because of what the West did to support the rebellion.  The Libyans would not have overthrown Ghaddafi on their own, and instead the massive support with drone aircraft (and other aircraft) made a huge difference.  A Wired news article published today, in the wake of Ghaddafi's death, goes over the drone deployment against Libya.

It took three weeks for NATO's (U.S.) war machine to arrive in Libya.  There have been 145 drone strikes since then, quite a bit more than the 57 drone strikes in Pakistan this year.

It's likely that Ghaddafi himself was killed by a drone strike - though, todays reports are unclear and confused with several different versions of the events.

This is the picture of the U.S. prosecuting a war by proxy - that is, robotic proxy.  Rather than directly commit troops on the ground in real combat, we're sending robots out to kill people and fight the war for us.  I sometimes wonder if that makes us cowards.


Libya: The Real U.S. Drone War

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