Friday, October 21, 2011

Dylan Ratigan MSNBC exposes Federal Reserve Con

This video is from July 2010 and in it Dylan Ratigan takes apart the Federal Reserve system, calling it a large con.  To help out he has Congressman Alan Grayson who, as a former economist, was one of the few in Congress who actually understands the problem with the system.

The notes attached to this video reflect something I'm thinking - I've never heard of this Ratigan fellow until just an hour ago, have watched several clips on youtube, and posted all of them but am not entirely sure what to think about the guy. (

To Clarify: I'm NOT a fan of MSNBC at all. And I'm still not sure where this guy Dylan Ratigan stands; Good guy?Bad guy? Not sure.

But I've seen him here on YT several times breaking down the Federal Reserve Con, telling it like it is, exposing Bernake, Greenspan, Geithner & the enemy of America, The Federal Reserve.








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