Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Faith based global warming denier, Rep. Shimkus, seeks to be chairman of Energy and Commerce committee

You might have heard we recently had an election and that the House of Representatives now has a Republican majority. It means they're going to come in like barking attack dogs and seek to enact all sorts of business friendly nonsense. One of them is the guy speaking in the video below, Rep. Shimkus of Illinois.

Rep. John Shimkus (R-Ill.) will seek the Energy and Commerce Committee chairmanship if Rep. Joe Barton (Texas) — the panel’s senior Republican — is denied the role when the GOP takes control of the House next year, an aide said. Rep. Barton is the one who apologized to BP during the hearings to berate BP for blowing up their oil well in the Gulf last summer. Yup.. the choice is between a Representative who apologizes to the massive polluter, because of the scrutiny our representatives were placing them under for having committed wrongful negligent operation of their oil platform .. the choice is between such a Representative, or one who is governing from "Faith" in the "infallible word" that is engraved in the Bible.

In the video below Shimkus is quoting from the Bible that God will never destroy the Earth again because of the agreement made after The Flood. And that therefore global warming must be a hoax. Uh... And this is the guy who might be overseeing the Committee who would be up to its eyeballs in determining things like Cap-And-Trade legislation?

The video simply reminds me of a blog post I wrote some time ago:- Establishing control over a society.

It establishes four steps to build control over a society through perpetuating a set of religious writings as the infallible word of God. Those who can lay claim to being official interpreters of the infallible word of God can then claim themselves to be speaking infallible truth.

And this is the sort of government which just got elected.

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