Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This Is George Bush's Recession: Why Doesn't Anybody Talk About That? | Politics | AlterNet

If the partisan tables were turned, the GOP would waste no time laying the blame on Democrats. According to the article "We" (aka "progressives"?) need to do the same to build political capital for key fights ahead. Modern conservatives "are descended from monarchists,” and have a "natural instinct to follow the king." Presumably, then, progressives are descended from rabble that can't agree? The article discusses a failure of the Democrats to do as the Republicans would do, there is a failure of Democrats to fall in line with President Obama's leadership and instead they are left free to kvetch. My question is whether it's better for the party in charge to practice message discipline and order in the ranks, or for free reigning democracy to engender an open and frank discussion from all quarters.

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