Monday, October 20, 2008

The final weeks

MoveOn sent me a letter about my blog and suggested something I could post to it.. basically they're sending out a list of points for us to ponder, so that we don't look at the news about Obama being ahead in the polls and get lazy. As they say anything can happen in the next couple of weeks. Anything.

The polls maybe be wrong? Were the polls wrong in 2004 or 2000? The guy who won both times was behind in the polls so something was amiss. Of course the poll that matters is the one on election day.

Dirty tricks? We're already seeing a ton of them aren't we? Of course those aren't the kind of people we want to have in office but on the other hand similar dirty tricks were pulled in prior elections and sometimes those tactics do work.

October surprise? Aren't we already having it? That is the financial meltdown. But maybe something else could come out.

...etc... It is important to keep up the work for Obama etc. But what's most important is that we not go back to sleep after election day. This is something that happens in election after election, that we the people seem to think our duty is only to vote and then once we've voted there's nothing to do until the next election. Sorry that's not going to work right now.

There are seriously powerful interests in Washington and for Obama to have a chance at actually sticking to his Change promise he's going to need the support of we the people. Further it may well be that Obama doesn't represent the change we want, and it's important for we the people to keep hammering at the change we do want rather than allowing the politicians to push their idea of what needs to be changed.

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