Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anagram Sarah Palin = ?

Make no doubt about it, Sarah Palin is a danger to the country. She is a theocracist born and raised within the Assembly of God, and desires to see this country redone as a Theocracy. Putting her into office would be the most horrible change in this country.

There are some who think that the anagram of ones name has a clue as to their character. Or maybe it's just a coincidental sort of thing. But...

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There are interesting snippets shown to be buried inside her name: Snarl, Piranha, Piranhas, Liar
Then these are the full phrases which I recognize:
  • Sharia Plan
  • Anal Parish
  • A Sharp Nail
  • A Harp Slain
  • A Rash Plain
Her maiden name is Sarah Heath ( but the anagram of that name is even less conclusive.

Maybe the idea of anagram=destiny is bogus and it's just a coincidence. It is real curious though buried inside her name is 'Sharia Plan'. Sharia is the body of Islamic religious law, and supposedly the danger in the Middle East are fundamentalist Islamics who are attempting to impose Sharia as the law of governments across the Middle East. Meaning that buried inside her name is one of the major movements of fundamental religious types to impose fundamental religious law to interfere with individual freedom -- and at the same time she is an active participant in the other major movement of fundamental religion to impose fundamental religious law which would interfere with individual freedom.

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