Wednesday, November 21, 2007

War Is a Government Program

The article claims that many "Conservatives" are claiming "Progressives" (or else those 'damn liberals') are causing political leaders to subordinate military considerations to political control. The article then dives into a long and truly excellent discussion of the appropriate role of political leaders and military leaders.

In the U.S. Constitution it is very clearly stated, that military decisions are subordinated to civilian authority. If one is to value the U.S. Constitution then one should practice what it says.

But, says the article, there is a deeper consideration: "those who make this complaint seem willfully blind to the nature of war. At its most fundamental level, war is no more a military phenomenon than it is a scientific phenomenon. True, militaries fight wars, and military tactics is a meaningful discipline. But war also requires weapons that make use of the principles of physics. Does that mean wars are fundamentally the province of scientists? No, and neither are they fundamentally the province of generals. Wars are political phenomena. You’d think the armchair generals and word-processor pilots would know that. "

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