Monday, November 19, 2007

Bush-Cheney Really Are Planning to Attack Iran!

"Look out -- here they come again! Bush & Buckshot are riding their little stick horses, waving the bloody flag of 9/11, demonizing another Muslim nation, shouting warnings about weapons of mass destruction, bellowing for regime change, and generally trying to whoop up a new war." Bleck. Okay, maybe, just maybe, Iran has plans for nuclear weapons. The problem is that the current situation is an obvious retread of the leadup to the Iraq war, the same arguments being pushed forward etc. The administration has very little credibility, they lied through their teeth the last time so why should we trust them today?

Maybe the problem is that many people are still believing the lies told about Iraq and therefore aren't questioning the same sorts of statements being said about Iran.

In the article Jim Hightower considers and dashes these claims:-

  • Claim: Iran is in cahoots with al Qaeda, the demons who crashbombed America on 9/11.
  • Claim: WMDs! Iran is on the brink of making a nuclear bomb, thus posing an imminent threat to America and to our national interests.
  • Claim: Those dastardly Iranians are meddling in our war in Iraq by supplying weapons to our enemies and by sending intelligence agents to undermine Iraq's government.

On the other hand consider ... Deception: British Reporter Adrian Levy on How the United States Secretly Helped Pakistan Build Its Nuclear Arsenal ...

The U.S. has been secretly helping Pakistan build their nuclear arsenal. Eek.. Uhm, first that Pakistan and India both have nuclear weapons is very troublesome because they are engaged in a long-running border feud, end have a couple times threatened to nuke each others countries. In any case the Democracy Now article is itself very alarming in what they say concerning proliferation.

Pakistan's nuclear program head, A.Q. Khan, has been actively pursuing sales of nuclear weapons materials to other countries including the ones which Pres. Bush labeled as the Axis of Terror. There was an orchestrated public pardoning of A.Q. Khan, even though he actively proliferated nuclear weapons technology. I suppose that behind the scenes it's possible that he has "told all" to U.S. Intelligence to give details about what materials were proliferated, and to whom they were provided. I suppose if so the U.S. has information it hasn't revealed about nuclear programs. And it is curious that Libya publicly abandoned their nuclear weapons program, in exchange for closer ties with "The West" around the same time as this public pardoning of Mr. Khan.

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