Friday, August 31, 2007

Satish Lele, Development of the Jatropha / Castor Cultivation and BioFuel Systems


In India, BioFuel is not of special importance for oil or energy security, but for the upliftment of the rural poor, which are neglected by the booming IT industry and urban middle class. To reduce the widening gap, Biofuel production offers chances for social and rural development amongst some of the world's poorest people, namely farmers in developing countries. By cultivating energy crops, these communities can diversify their crop portfolio, generate substantial incomes and hence increase their economic power and ultimately their food security, health and wellbeing. On the level of the state, biofuel production can cut fossil fuel imports and dependency, and thus free up funds that can be invested in social and economic development.

The ex-President of India and Eminent Scientist, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, has understood the importance of Jatropha and he advocates its plantation in every lecture. He has also planted 800 Jatropha plants in Presidential (Mogul) Gardens.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Journey to Forever


A pioneering expedition by a small, mobile NGO (Non-Government Organization) involved in environment and rural development work, starting from Hong Kong and travelling 40,000 kilometres through 26 countries in Asia and Africa to Cape Town, South Africa.

Our route will take us away from the cities and populated districts to remote and inaccessible areas (usually also the least developed and poorest areas), where we'll be studying and reporting on environmental conditions and working for local NGOs on rural development projects in local communities.

The focus will be on trees, soil and water, sustainable farming, sustainable technology, and family nutrition.

The aim is to help people fight poverty and hunger, and to help sustain the environment we all must share.