Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The sliming of Barak Obama (Pt. 2)

It's time for another dip into The sliming of Barak Obama. This is a series of articles tracking efforts to slander and slime Sen. Barak Obama.

A couple days ago CNN showed a picture of Osama bin Laden with the caption saying "Where's Obama". This occurred on Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room, which coincidentally is the same program on which other slimings occurred.

CNN apology over Obama name slip at least CNN has issued an apology.

Malice in the Middle: Barack Hussein Obama and the history of bad middle names in politics explains how it's unfortunate, image wise, that Sen. Obama has a middle name of Hussein and a last name that sounds much like U.S. Enemy #1's name. I say this is silly, that people should pay better attention.

Dennis Miller’s Insensitive Message For Obama: Being Vice President Worse Than Racial Disenfranchisement is from News Hounds, the project started by Robert Greenwald, the director of OutFoxed the documentary revealing how Fox News is largely a mouthpiece for the Republican Party. Apparently this Dennis Miller fellow is infamous for slanderous opinion pieces, and this one lays it on really thick slamming both Obama and Sen. Clinton.

Bill O'Reilly Uses Mike Tyson To Smear Barack Obama And the News Hounds also report on Bill O'Reilly joining in the smearing. Mike Tyson was arrested with some drugs, and was let free without even having to post bail. That was then used by Bill O'Reilly as pretext for launching into attacking Sen Obama.

Fox News Battering Obama Over Book's Admissions And the News Hounds are yet again discussing another slander piece on Fox News. During this bit of video someone calls Obama a dope addict. Fox News Alert: George W. Bush Admits Cocaine Habit Covers the same video clip with a different angle. Coverage on FoxNews Obama Admissions on Drug Use Could Signal New Era in Politics. And as a result currently this particular story is making the rounds.

Could Candor About Drug Use Hurt Obama? isn't a slanderous attack, but instead an insightful analysis of the political weight that Sen. Obama is carrying. Clearly the politically active Americans tend to be heavily anti-Drug because there's several decades of anti-Drug propagandizing and hype in this countries recent history. And any admission of Drug use tends to be a kiss of death, affirmed by Pres. Clinton's admission regarding Marijuana. Supposedly he tried it, but did not inhale, and didn't like it. Hmm... I don't know anybody who can believe that story, and in any case drug usage is extremely common among youth in America. The quotes from Sen. Obama's book sound very honest, said truthfully, and accurately portrays the youth culture of any time during the past 40 years. I applaud his honesty.

CNN Puts Obama In Split-Screen With Bin Laden and Hussein shows screen captures of from CNN showing Sen. Obama on the same screen as Osama bin Laden and Iraqi former Pres Saddam Hussein. The question CNN is asking us, what's in a name and I'm wondering why are they making a big deal of the name?

CNN’s Obama Infomercial This is also not a slanderous attack, but it's a strange article nonetheless. Most of the article is a history of racism and civil rights in America, pointing out that it was the Democratic Party who, in 1872, founded the Ku Klux Klan, and the Democratic Party that was very racist through most of its history. He also points out the Texas Republican Party was founded by Black people. Hmm, very interesting, and ought to be worth researching the history of this issue a little more deeply. But what's strange is he describes CNN as running an "infomercial" for Obama, fawning all over him, etc .. is he watching the same CNN the rest of us are watching? If CNN is throwing its hat into the Obama ring, then why is Wolf Blitzer multiple times sliming Obama?

White Guilt, Obamania, And The Reality Of Race is an interesting blog entry examining how Black is Obama. Does that matter? In any case the piece discusses how his upbringing is completely divorced from the typical African-American experience. He is described as a wigger, a word I did not know but which the Wikipedia defines as "a white person who emulates mannerisms, slangs and fashions stereotypically associated with urban African Americans". Obama's parentage is half-white, his father was a Kenyan, not an African-American, so he wasn't exposed to the lineage of Slavery, and he was raised in Indonesia and an area of Hawaii that's extremely culturally diverse. Clearly Obama has little real connection with the culture that, say, Jesse Jackson comes from.

Clinton-Obama Differences Clear In Senate Votes is a refreshing analysis of the issues and policy stances taken by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The typical political article just looks at polling data, political strategies, and the current one-up-man-ship. This article discusses the voting history of these two Presidential race front runners.

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