Monday, January 22, 2007

More sliming of Sen. Obama

CNN debunks false report about Obama discusses the truth regarding an allegation that's been circling among the talking heads the last few days. In Sen. Obama's youth he and his family lived for awhile in Indonesia, and while there he attended elementary school. In his books he described that school as "an Islamic school" and for another period he attended a "Catholic" school in Indonesia. Apparently some have decided to call that school a Madrassa, or those schools which teach the fundamentalist Wahabist form of Islam which is more-or-less at the root of the Islamic sects which are driving the anti-Western violence.

CNN sent a reporter to the school in question and found an average every day elementary school that has no bias towards any religion.

CNN Debunks False Obama ‘Madrassa’ Smear

Fox and Friends 'Corrects' Obama Madrassa Claim

On Fox News Sunday, Williams claimed Obama's Muslim father "presents a problem"

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