Monday, January 29, 2007

Large anti-war rallies last weekend. Where's the news coverage?

Large protests occurred around the U.S.A. on Saturday, Jan 27, 2007. The U.S. people voted overwhelmingly last November against the ruling party, in a loud voice shouting NO MORE WAR, proclaiming with the power of our vote that we have no confidence in the Republican Party and the idiots who have led us into this folly. We hoped that the President would listen. But he has made it clear this has simply firmed his resolve to abandon all reason and push on forward with this illegal and ridiculous war he has foisted upon us. No war is moral, but this war in particular is the height of folly and an absolute fraud perpetrated upon the American people and the world.

I bought the newspaper today, Monday, two days after the protest rallies, and there was zero coverage of them in the newspaper. Presumably there was coverage yesterday, on Sunday, but I didn't buy the paper that day. I just went through Google News, Yahoo News, CNN, New York Times, etc, all major news outlets, and there is no hint of any protest rally having happened just two days ago. Fortunately some coverage happened.

Let's start with Democracy NOW who provides extensive coverage:

The following were published by on Sunday.

Tens of Thousands in DC Demand Iraq Pullout

Tens of Thousands of Protesters Turn Out in Salt Lake City

War Opponents Say Rally Will Start Sustained Movement to Bring Troops Home

At Peace Rally, Fonda Reprises a Famous Role

Student Protesters, Fighting Image of Apathy, Call for a Cohesive Movement

Antiwar Demonstrators Say the Tide Is Turning

People Speak Out in Capital

Several Thousand Take Part in San Francisco Antiwar Protest

Mesa Official's War Protest Was Quiet Act, but Hostile Reactions Are Loud and Clear

Thousands March in Downtown Los Angeles in Anti-War Rally

Antiwar Protesters Rally in Downtown Austin

About 50 Protest in Terre Haute, Indiana

Antiwar Rally in Madison, Wisconsin

San Diego Protests Coincides With National Protest

Local Protesters Denounce War in Louisville, Kentucky

Veterans Protest Iraq War in Downtown Portland

Small Protest in Champaign, Il

Locals Protest in Northbridge Massachusetts

South Carolina Residents Protest Iraq War Locally and in DC

Thousands Rally in Seattle Against the War in Iraq

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