Sunday, December 31, 2006

Olbermann on Newt Gingrich's call to destroy freedom of speech

First they came for the fourth amendment, then they came for Habeas Corpus, and then they came for Freedom of Speech but there was no-one allowed to speak up. This is Olbermann dissecting a recent speech by Newt Gingrich in which he spins a terror tale, and uses that fictional tale to justify eroding freedom of speech and freedom of association. Newt Gingrich describes Destroying Dangerous Free Speech

The Gingrich terror tale is told at 1:00 minute into the video. He proposes "they" want to destroy an American city, and that they're using freedom of speech, freedom of association, and especially the freedom of association over the Internet, as a cover under which to plot their nefarious schemes.

But, consider, what proof does Newt have that this danger even exists? We know from recent years that the Republican party, and most especially the Bush Administration, has been making a lot of hay by selling us on terror. That we are in danger of vague threats from the Islamics lurking behind every corner with a dirty bomb or worse ready to blow us up. Once they've scared us good and well, they spring on us an answer ... a solution to the danger ... Generally these solutions have made for a step-by-step destruction of our civil liberties and what makes America great.

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