Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Voting machine glitches in 2006 election

Given yesterdays posting, "Hacking Democracy", an HBO special looking into election fraud in the U.S.A., I want to do a compendium of voting machine glitches in todays election. This is the mid-term election in the fall of 2006.

Voting machine glitch causes big delays, county says problem fixed: "Encoder" problems in Utah County, Utah, caused long delays at all 118 precincts in the county.

Coffee spilled on voting machine, otherwise voting is smooth I think the title says it all, this is in MINNEAPOLIS. It caused a small problem at one precinct and the article reports voting elsewhere in Minnesota is fine.

Jean Schmidt's voting problem A Congresswoman, Jean Schmidt, filmed having troubles managing to vote for herself.

Voting machine problem reported at St. Antoine In Louisiana some mechanical problems.

Ohio, Indiana Source of Early Voting Problems; More Surface Throughout States A compendium of voting problems published by FOX News.

Voting Problems Reported In Allegheny Co. In Pittsburgh but the article doesn't say how many precincts nor the type of problem.

Voting Machine Glitches Found During Early Voting South Florida has some broken machines, and they're nervous about conspiracy theorists overreacting.

Glitch to keep polls open until 9 p.m. Lancaster County PA has widespread problems. They are planning to keep the polls open until 9 PM. The optical scan machines (eScan) are the ones with problems while the eSlate (touch screen?) are working fine.

Plan in place to address vote machine time glitch Volusia County, FL, the clocks in the voting machines were 6 hours incorrect. It leaves them scratching their heads, but apparently won't interfere with the conduct of the vote.

Voter advocacy groups report electronic glitches statewide (Maryland) "Poll monitors and lawyers in Maryland reported statewide problems with the electronic voting machines today, indicating that the machines sometimes failed to select the candidate the voter picked for U.S. senator or governor."

Some glitches on Election Day In Toledo Ohio they report it went well overall. The glitches were that in one polling place the workers overloaded the electrical circuits, and in other places they had to scramble to have enough printed ballots.

Diebold machine glitch fixed quietly In Maryland it's reported that Diebold repaired hardware problems, without telling Maryland officials about the problem.

Some Texans Won't See Full Candidate Name on Ballots and Electronic voting machines "hack" off Democrat Jim Webb's name from November ballot and F.C. Election Chief Says Problem With Voting Machines Identified a Year Ago The voting machines will be unable to display the full name for some candidates. In Virgina they reported the problem a year ago.

Will Your Vote be Counted? Not Necessarily, says Princeton Team A team of Princeton Univ researchers managed to create a "virus" which could undetectedly alter voting results. They claim this only requires a "good" but not "great" programmer to repeat what they did.

`Brave New Ballot' Author Attacks Electronic Voting: Interview Computer security expert, Avie Rubin, is interviewed talking about the dangers of electronic voting. He claims the danger is the results can be altered without it being detected.

Voter smashes Diebold machine as e-voting problems crop up nationwide A rundown by engadget.com of some voting machine problems. The title is a demonstration of conspiracy-minded thinking gone too far. A voter, believing the machines are a wide ranging Republican conspiracy, took matters into his own hands and attacked a machine.

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