Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Saddam Hussein had accepted US demands before the invasion???

Oh, my, oh, my. Saddam Accepted the American Ultimatum Before the US Invasion, According to Rights and Freedom International discusses a claim by Hossam Shaltout, a Canadian aerospace engineer, former American pilot, and founder of the peace organization Rights and Freedom International (http://www.rightsandfreedom.com) that Saddam Hussein had agreed to all the Bush Administration demands before the invasion of Iraq, but that the Bush Administration took several steps that hindered that agreement from being broadcast. He was in Amman Jordan and his flight was changed based on Bush Administration orders, causing him to miss the flight. Then he took a car by road to Baghdad, tried to get a statement broadcast on CNN, but the CNN Baghdad office was closed, and he went to al Jazeera instead but halfway through that broadcast the transmission was cut by US forces.

His web site is here: http://www.rightsandfreedom.com/

But the web site doesn't have any documentation of this story. The article linked above is a Press Release through PR Newswire, so it hasn't gone through journalistic scrutiny.

If true this is really astonishing and totally changes the picture of this war. The war is illegal anyway (Kofi Annan himself said so), but to think that the Bush Administration actively prevented a settlement which would have avoided the war is unconscionable.


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