Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Eisenhower's Farewell Address to the American People

President Eisenhower is famous for many things, including his last speech as President. In that speech he talked long about the morality of modern times, and warned of unwarranted power gained by the military industrial complex. I think our current situation is a direct result of the growth of that very military industrial complex. A big aspect of the problem if this stupid illegal war in Iraq is the war profiteering, of which Halliburton is a prime example.

During the G.H.W.Bush Administration, when Dick Cheney was Defense Secretary, he caused plans to be made around outsourcing military functions to contractors. And then fast forward 10 years, and as Vice President he gets to implement the plans he had made before. And in the intervening years he was CEO of the company that's the major recipient of those very outsourced military functions, Halliburton, of which he still owns zillions of shares of stock.

Anyway, back to Eisenhower.

A recent movie was made which used his final address as its theme: "Why we Fight", a movie you must see It's an excellent movie, and as I said before you must see it. I absolutely require that you see it. That movie is now available on DVD: Why We Fight

This is a complete version of Eisenhower's speech:

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