Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bush Crimes Commission

The President of the U.S. has broken the law, as has member of the Cabinet etc. I wonder why the people aren't rising up in protest against this? Well some are, but the infractions by the Bush Administration are so completely obvious the people of the United States have to be fools to not see it.

The Bush Crimes Commission is working to illustrate the crimes of the Bush Administration. They have been holding public "hearings", and recently delivered a set of indictments to the White House.

In the indictments they cover Wars of Aggression, Torture and Indefinite Detention, Destruction of the Global Environment, Attacks on Global Public Health and Hurricane Katrina.

In March 2004 I called for the Impeachment of GW Bush. In my case I focussed on the lies told to "justify" the war in Iraq, the fact that the UN Secretary General has called that war "illegal", the damage the conduct and justification of that war has done to U.S. credibility, etc.

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