Friday, December 9, 2005

BBC NEWS | Middle East | World 'losing patience with Iran'

This story has been going on for awhile. Iran has been developing nuclear teachnology, and the power plants they're building are of a design which as a byproduct produces weapons grade material. The sticky point is that Iran was hiding these plants from the rest of the world, until it was revealed by a dissident group. Ever since the "world community" has been breathing down Iran's neck.

This dovetails nicely with the neocon megalomaniacal plan for world domination. They would first invade Iraq in a pincer, invading from the south through Kuwait and from the north through the Kurdish area in northern Iraq. And, indeed, this is the plan that was used in March 2003 (of course Donald Rumsfield is a neocon). After invading Iraq and turning it into a moderate democracy, their plan was to either invade Syria or Iran and turn them into a moderate democracy as well. The strategy is that by installing moderate democracies in the middle of the middle east the whole region would become "reasonable".

World 'losing patience with Iran' (BBC News, December 9, 2005)

So, here we go ... the so-called international community is "losing patience" with Iran, just in time to be the next step in the reshaping of the Middle East. Conveniently the reason for leaving Iraq may be congealing as the democratic institutions are beginning to take shape there. Assuming it goes well then later in 2006 we may have freedom to invade another country.

But that's not what the article talks about. Instead it talks of the IAEA's concern over Iran's nuclear programs and how the parties need to sit and negotiate with one another.

We just have to remember what the neocon agenda is. The Bush Administration has been taking a hardline stance against Iran, and one wonders whether that's a baiting tactic to get the Iranians to do something stupid which the West can construe into justification for invasion.

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