Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bomb kills anti-Syrian legislator in Beirut - Africa & Middle East - International Herald Tribune

Since the Lebanon Civil War, Syria had occupied Lebanon. Supposedly it was to help maintain stability in Lebanon, but it could also have been a subterfuge to having a larger border with Israel. I don't know what Syria really got out of occupying Lebanon, but they sure did it for a long time.

Earlier this year they were asked to leave Lebanon. The Lebanese people managed to get up enough gumption to protest the occupation seriously enough that then world leaders could demand Syria leave Lebanon. Which they did.

Unfortunately since then several anti-Syrian leaders in Lebanon have been killed, and Syria seems to be the culprit.

Unfortunately the leadership of the United States is on record as planning to reshape the Middle East, starting with Iraq and then moving on to either Syria or Iran. Iraq has been underway for three years, and the U.S. has been belligerating towards both Syria and Iran.

Bomb kills anti-Syrian legislator in Beirut (The Associated Press, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2005) -- Covers the latest killing, and gives an overview of the concern.

Lately I've been listening to the podcast of the U.S. State Department daily briefing. In yesterdays briefing (December 12, 2005) they discussed Lebanon, but I think it was before this latest killing. It was mentioned that Lebanon has officially requested help in uncovering the "truth" of these crimes. The U.S. has pledged to keep this issue before the UN Security Council.

That's mighty nice of us to take this series of assassinations so seriously. What after the long history of the U.S. ignoring assassinations around the world it's nice to take one so seriously. I suppose the ones we've ignored were in countries that didn't have strategic importance. It is convenient that these assassinations occurred in an area of strategic importance, and in a way where the U.S. could potentially further the neocon agenda of megalomaniacal takeover of the middle east.

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