Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Defense Tech: Insurgents Using Chem Weapons - On Themselves?

How do you get people to go to war? That is, how do you get a group of guys to risk death and enter a battle? It goes against the human survival instinct to do so, so how is it accomplished?

Of course there's several ways to get people to fight one another. But one way appears to be brainwashing. And that's what I have to share about today.

Insurgents Using Chem Weapons - On Themselves?

The title of that article is a little misleading, as the chemical weapons in question are actually hallucinogenic drugs. However they were drugs developed by the U.S. military for use as weapons, hence the article title is accurate if misleading.

What he details are reports that the "insurgents" in Iraq are often hopped up on several kinds of drugs. One specific drug is named BZ and is the byproduct of U.S. Military research.

BZ or "Agent Buzz" is the military name for 3-quinuclidinyl benzillate, an extremely powerful hallucinogen. After experimenting with a whole stash of mind-altering substances including cocaine, heroin and LSD, the Pentagon selected BZ for weaponizing. Its major advantages are that it can easily delivered in an aerosol cloud, and it is very safe. With many substances, the effective dose can be dangerously close to the amount needed to kill - ask any anesthetist. With BZ, the tiny effective dose (maybe two milligrams) is around one-thousandth the lethal dose. It is also odorless and invisible, and there is currently no means of detecting it.

Agent Buzz was tested between 1959 to 1975 on some twenty-eight hundred US soldiers at several locations. It proved extremely effective as an incapacitant. The physical effects are increased heart rates, pupil dilation, blurred vision, dry skin and mouth, increased temperature, and flushing of skin – as a med school mnemonic has it “blind as a bat, dry as a bone, hot as Hades, red as a beet.

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