Monday, December 12, 2005

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Hong Kong on high alert as thousands of protesters fly in

Okay, we have another World Trade Organization (WTO) summit coming up. And, as a prelude to the summit, we have protesters coming in from around the world.

Here's an article going over the preparations for the protesters: Hong Kong on high alert as thousands of protesters fly in (Jonathan Watts in Hong Kong, Monday December 12, 2005, The Guardian)

And what strikes me about this is how the article completely ignores two things: Whatever are the WTO attendees going to be discussing at the summit? And whatever are the grievance causing these protesters to fly in from around the world?

Clearly it costs a lot of money to fly around the world. The money spent by the protesters are indicative of the depth of their feelings about their grievances (whatever those are).

It would really be interesting to see a fair and balanced comparison of the two. Just what are the world leaders putting into motion through the WTO? And just why are there people flying around the world in protest?

Doesn't that sound very interesting?

Now, tell me, just why is the news media ignoring this and instead focusing on how the riot police are going to keep the calm?

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