Monday, November 28, 2005

A good overview of corporate blogging

Does Your Company Belong in the Blogosphere? (by Katherine Heires, Harvard Business School, November 28, 2005)

She says:

...a blog is an incredibly effective yet low-cost way to:

  • Influence the public "conversation" about your company: Make it easy for journalists to find the latest, most accurate information about new products or ventures. In the case of a crisis, a blog allows you to shape the conversation about it.
  • Enhance brand visibility and credibility: Appear higher in search engine rankings, establish expertise in industry or subject area, and personalize one's company by giving it a human voice.
  • Achieve customer intimacy: Speak directly to consumers and have them come right back with suggestions or complaints—or kudos.

And along the way points to several corporate bloggers including a few CEO's.

An advice blog meant for CEO's is showcased, but after reading a few entries I don't get how the content is for CEO's.

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