Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A "coup" in Baghdad, and Iranian bombs found in Iraq

It just keeps getting worse in Iraq.

Bomb cache found in Iraq believed to be from Iranian Revolutionary Guard: official (Tuesday August 9, 07:16 PM): This details a report that a large cache of "shaped" bombs of Iranian manufacture were found in Iraq. This indicates a tipping point of more involvement by Iran in the Iraq war.

Baghdad Mayor Is Ousted by a Shiite Group and Replaced (By JAMES GLANZ, Published: August 10, 2005, NYTIMES.COM): On they titled this "Coup in Baghdad" but on reading the article that's a matter of opinion. What happened is the man holding the office of Mayor was forced out of office. He was installed by the U.S. transitional authority led by Paul Bremer.

Baghdad is unique in Iraq with being its own province, so power in Baghdad (both city and province) was shared by the Mayor of Baghdad, and the Provincial Governor. The provincial guy was part of a Shiite faction, and it was the Shiite faction who deposed the Mayor and installed the provincial guy as the Mayor as well as Provincial Governor (the post he already held).

In other news I saw elsewhere, Iran has broken the seals installed by the UN Atomic Energy agency and has resumed their uranium production.

I don't think the neocon agenda was to allow the establishment of Iranian influence in Iraq. Yet, that's what is happening. That and the nuclear situation with Iran leads me to believe justification is building for the invasion of Iran. But that also leads me to wonder how in the world can we manage to broaden the war to include Iran when we can already barely afford the war we're fighting now, which is going so badly as it is.

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