Sunday, August 21, 2005

"pepperball" non-lethal weapons

About Pepperball Technologies, INC. PepperBall Technologies, Inc. (PTI) develops, manufactures and distributes non-lethal weapons as options for use whenever the use of force is indicated. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, PTI has global distribution and serves the Public Safety, Government, Private Security and Consumer markets.

They sell a variety of guns and related paraphenalia that are similar to "paintball" weapons.

I first heard of paintball combat in the mid 1980's when a friend of mine got interested. Paintball guns were first developed by loggers to mark trees for logging, and is a gun shaped thingy that uses compressed gas to shoot little paint containers. On contact the contailer (a small balloon) bursts, spreading the paint on the target. This was supposedly great fun in creating seemingly combat situations that posed little or no danger to the participants.

The difference with the Pepperball weapons is instead of paint, the little balloons are filled with a pepper substance. Additionally they offer solid projectiles, for breaking windows, others filled with paint, for marking "subjects", and a couple inert projectiles for use in training.

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