Sunday, July 17, 2005

Is this what GW meant to create in Iraq?

I've been shaking my head for a long time over the result of the current Iraq war. At first it was just the sheer audacity of attacking a country that hadn't harmed this country (it was Afghani's and Saudi's who attacked America on September 11, 2001), especially as we learned about the lies used to justify the war. But then I researched the background material showing the neocon plan for the Middle East, and I realized just how nutty their plan is. To think you can force, at gunpoint, a country to adopt democracy is sheer lunacy.

An Axis of Cooperation?

Consider the question raised on the Stinkin' Desert Post. The status of the war in Iraq has driven the Iraqi and Iranian governments to cooperate between themselves on a variety of interests. Yup, Iran and Iraq cooperating. Didn't they fight a war, a nasty war, in the 1980's? Yup, they sure did, with America providing arms to both sides of the conflict.

Makes one shake their head in wonder.

Iran was declared to be part of the "Axis of Evil" by our President. Surely their goals for the Iraq war did not include having Iran and Iraq join in cooperation. The neocon plan was to reshape the Middle East by first toppling the government of Iraq, and then moving on to either Iran or Syria. Given the noises the U.S. leaders have been saying about Iran, and their desire for Nuclear weaponry, the designated next target is Iran.

So, why are Iran and Iraq cooperating?

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