Sunday, July 3, 2005

Growing disapproval for President Bush

No Bounce: Bush Job Approval Unchanged by War Speech; Question on Impeachment Shows Polarization of Nation; Americans Tired of Divisivenesimpeachn Congress—Want Bi-Partisan Solutions—New Zogby Poll

In the context of growing anger in the U.S.A. over the abysmal failure this war in Iraq has become, President Bush made speechifying intended to bolster support.

Polling indicates the public isn't buying it, and a growing number want his impeachment.

Just one week ago, President Bush’s job approval stood at a previous low of 44%—but it has now slipped another point to 43%, despite a speech to the nation intended to build support for the Administration and the ongoing Iraq War effort. The Zogby America survey includes calls made both before and after the President’s address, and the results show no discernible “bump” in his job approval, with voter approval of his job performance at 45% in the final day of polling.

In a sign of the continuing partisan division of the nation, more than two-in-five (42%) voters say that, if it is found that President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should hold him accountable through impeachment. While half (50%) of respondents do not hold this view, supporters of impeachment outweigh opponents in some parts of the country.

For the record, I have been calling for President Bush's impeachment since March 2004.

In August 2003, I went through the "case" that had been presented to justify this war in Iraq.  If you remember, in Feb 2003 Colin Powell, then the Secretary of State, appeared before the UN Security Council to present the case for invading Iraq and toppling the head of state.  By August it was clear that every justification he laid out was incorrect, and it appeared that he knew he was lying through his teeth when he made that presentation.

American public, I speak to you.  If you say you support impeachment "if" President Bush lied us into the war, then what are you waiting for?  He lied, Powell lied, Cheney lied, Condy lied, and the whole lot of them lied to create this war.

If lying about sex is impeachable, then what do you do when a President lies to create a war?

The act of going to war means that people will die.  Not only our Sons and Daughters will die, but so will others, from innocent civilians caught in accidental fire incidents, to the combatants we've labeled as enemies.  Going to war ought to be reserved until the most drastic of situations, and not be done lightly.  It's clear this President doesn't understand that, and is cavalier about the cost of war, and the cost to this nation and the world of conducting unjust wars.

My only concern is that if Bush is impeached, that leaves Cheney as President.  I don't know which is scarier.

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