Monday, July 18, 2005

Follow the Uranium

There's this growing scandal ... the story is circling around former-Ambassador Joe Wilson's disclosure on July 6, 2003 that he made a trip to Niger to investigate the claims about Iraq buying Uranium from Niger. That led to top administration officials committing treason by disclosing his wife's secret identity, which was part of a broader campaign to discredit Joe Wilson.

In The continuing Rove Watch I point to a news article saying that we need to keep our eyes on that story. If we get distracted then the game will fail, and Karl Rove will continue in his job.

But, really, that's a short-sighted view of the game, isn't it?

Follow the Uranium (By FRANK RICH, Published: July 17, 2005)

This is Mr. Rich's point exactly. In his view Wilson and the rest of the current scandal is a McGuffin, which is a literary tool where an object, person, or thing seems to have supreme importance early in the story but turns out to be inconsequential in the long run. I suppose that Wilson's trip to Niger was only a small part of the evidence gathering that went into justifying this war.

The real story, and I agree with him, is the larger picture of the Administration foisting a false story upon us to justify a war that in truth was more of a distraction from the real problem. The real problem was the al Qaeda holed up in Afghanistan who largely were not captured and were able to continue operating. The Iraqi's had nothing to do with the September 11, 2001 attacks and attacking Iraq has been costly in lives and money, tarnished Americas reputation around the world, and allowed the real culprits to escape.

That is the real crime this administration has done.

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