Wednesday, July 20, 2005

'Dirty bomb' detention challenged

Back in 2002 I vaguely recall a plot to unleash a 'dirty bomb'. A dirty bomb is one exploded with "conventional" explosives, but is laced with atomic material. The idea is to spread radioactive material over a wide area, poisining the area and perhaps causing illness or death.

Jose Padilla was arrested at Chicago airport in May 2002 with accusations of just such a plot.

The thing is that ever since, that's over 3 years now, he hasn't been accused of a crime. He's been held by U.S. forces ever since, but without a formal indictment etc. Err.... isn't that illegal?

We don't know whether the guy is guilty or not, and that's not the point. The U.S. believes in fair justice. If you're gonna hold someone in jail, there'd better damn well be a reason to do so. If there are no charges, then how can this guy be rightfully held?

'Dirty bomb' detention challenged

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