Thursday, May 12, 2005

The "nuclear option" ... trying to ramrod judicial nominations

Everything you wanted to know about the "nuclear option"
If the Republicans are as good as their word, it's going to be much uglier than you think. (By Tim Grieve, May 12, 2005, SALON.COM)

This is an examination by SALON.COM on the "nuclear option".

Basically, what's up is that the Republican majority in Congress is upset at the Democratic party using the fillibuster option to block certain of the judicial nominations.

On the Democratic side they're saying those judges are part of the radical right (a.k.a. "right wing nutjobs"), and that they're using the fillibuster to block only a small portion of the nominations. Further, the Republican party used the same tactic when the shoe was on the other foot, during Clinton's years he also had a backlog of judicial nominations that couldn't get through Congress.

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