Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bush asked to explain UK war memo

Bush asked to explain UK war memo (Wednesday, May 11, 2005 CNN.COM)

Okay, some CNN.COM visibility on the Bush/Blair planned Iraq invasion in July 2002 issue is great.

Eighty-nine Democratic members of the U.S. Congress last week sent President George W. Bush a letter asking for explanation of a secret British memo that said "intelligence and facts were being fixed" to support the Iraq war in mid-2002 -- well before the president brought the issue to Congress for approval.

But, uh, the Congressmen asked for the explanation last week, and CNN is only now getting around to reporting it?

C'mon, this is big news. Hey there News Media, this is your chance to bring down a really big target! You up to it?

Well, I guess not. The article has already disappeared off the article listings on CNN's website.

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