Friday, April 15, 2005

Dave Emory, politics conspiracy theorist

Dave Emory has been researching a peculiar line of reasoning for a couple decades, namely the continued existance of elements from Nazi Germany. His research draws from material published in mainstream newspapers, magazines and books. What he does is connect the dots which are otherwise separated too widely for the general public to make the connections themselves. The conclusion one draws from his research is that these elements from Nazi Germany are alive, well, and greatly influencing world events.

How could they have survived the fall of Nazi Germany in WW II? There's a few aspects to this as covered by his research. First is the Martin Bormann organization (Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile) which secretly created control over a huge number of companies around the world, and funneled the wealth of Nazi Germany out of the country. It is through this quiet corporate control which these Nazi remnants are greatly influencing world events. The other aspect is collaboration with and protection by certain peoples in power in other countries, of particular interest here is the Bush Dynasty. Prescott Bush was deeply involved with funding Hitler beginning in his early rise to power, and was involved with the coverup of the control over some of the German corporations after WW II ended.

Perhaps, Dave draws too broad of a conclusion? Nazi's still in power? How can that be? Well, it's really for you to decide.

His work is broadcast freely on an elite collection of public radio stations (KKUP, WFMU and occasionally KFJC). The radio programs and copious notes are archived on these web sites:

Excerpts from Dave Emory's broadcast archive:

  • Trouble on Oiled Waters: Detailing various shenanigans over the decades around oil and U.S. electoral politics.
  • The Bush League - The Associates and Actions of the Georges Bush: Detailing the associates and some activities of the Bush family.
  • German Corporate Control over American Publishing: It's fairly well known that corporate control over the American media (news and otherwise) is devolving into a smaller and smaller circle of control. This circle of control, or locus of decision-making, means that a smaller and smaller group of people have control over what's said to the public through that media. What's interesting is that a large part of this ever-shrinking locus of control over the American media are German conglomerates who have ties to the Nazi past history of Germany. These same corporations, Bertlesmann especially, have recently made several moves to take over media distribution on the Internet via such portals as Barnes & Nobles and Napster. A particular thing to consider while reading this is: Are these moves he describes sinister attempts to control the thought of American people (via controlling their news sources), or is it just the normal power grabbing done by business leaders?

NOTE: These excerpts are the work of Dave Emory, and not the work of David Herron. He gives permission to republish or rebroadcast his work, and that is what I am doing. My contribution is to clean up the formatting, and make cross-referencing links to as many of the sources as I can. I do not agree with everything he says. I do find the information he presents to be well researched and thought provoking, even while disagreeing with some of his conclusions. As Dave says, do your own research, and make up your own mind.



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