Friday, April 8, 2005

How did DeLay get to his post?

Apparently Senator DeLay recently made a statement about how "independant" judges are running amok and that Congress should crack down on them.

I don't know where Senator DeLay went to school, nor how much of the Constitution he has studied, but there is this core principle to American Politics known as the separation of powers. The Legislative, Administrative and Judicial branches of government are separate but equal.

Congress simply cannot "crack down" on the Judicial branch, because that would be a violation of the separation of powers.

It is Senator DeLay that is running amok, and perhaps it is he that ought to be cracked down upon. But, then, it is he who is under strain from allegations of impropriety circling around him and his cohorts.

After DeLay Remarks, Bush Says He Supports 'Independent Judiciary' ( By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK , Published: April 9, 2005, NYTIMES.COM)

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