Monday, March 7, 2005

Chill out?

Previously I noted a C|NET article claiming the Federal Election Commission is planning to shut down political blogging. That article was written by an FEC member who made that claim, that the FEC is considering tagging political blogs as some kind of contribution to political campaigns.

Now, another FEC member has an article on C|NET saying to calm down, the FEC doesn't even have draft rule written yet.

Bloggers, chill out already!

(March 7, 2005, 10:53 AM PT
By Ellen Weintraub, Commissioner, Federal Election Commission

Now, telling us to chill out just gets my dander up. The freedoms we enjoy in this country include freedom of speach, and those freedoms do not come lightly or for free. We the people, for whom this country was founded, are duty bound to defend the freedoms we have. Being told to chill out as if we're unruly children being put into our place just is not acceptible behavior by our employees (the FEC commissioners, as federal employees, work for US).

It is helpful that Ms. Weintraub has explained the process. This gives us an understanding of what they're going through, and a partial explanation of why there is little cause for concern at this moment. At the same time this is an issue the public needs to track, and then comment on.

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