Sunday, November 7, 2004

Iran negotiations proceeding, having success

'Progress' at Iran nuclear talks (BBC)

The EU and various european countries are continuing their negotiations with Iran. The sword over their head is that if the negotiations fail, the EU will agree with U.S. to "refer" the Iran situation to the UN Security Council.

China is involved, having recently veto'd something that came to the UN Security Council. China is also in deep cahoots on a business level with Iran, being a big customer of Iran's oil. Iran is offering China that Iran would be their "gateway" to the Middle East, whatever that means. And the payback is obviously that China would do something to cover for them in the UN.

Iran Reaches Preliminary Nuclear Accord With Europe, IRNA Says

(Bloomberg) Nov. 7

"All four delegations are supposed to go to their capitals and if the capitals agree with the agreement, it will be officially announced in the next few days," Hossein Mousavian, the head of the Iran's delegation in the French capital told state television, IRNA reported.

Iran reached preliminary nuclear agreement with EU

11/7/2004 7:00:00 PM GMT (

Iran asks Bush to “change behavior

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