Tuesday, June 8, 2004

On Going to WAR

This is being written while the U.S. is in the midst of an undeclared war. As I've written elsewhere on this site I believe the U.S. administration has lied in order to call for this war, and deserves to be impeached over the creation of this war. I am speaking of course of the second war in Iraq, which has toppled Saaddam Hussein and his government from power. As I write a year afterward, it is hard to remember the toppling and the imagry, especially of U.S. soldiers pulling down the Saddam statue in the main square in Baghdad. In the year since there has been an unceasing grinding of death, destruction, and more.

Leading up to the launching of this war was a great Debate. The debate was high and mighty sounding, with the U.S. President taking moral stands, the Secretary of State giving a moving delivery of evidence to the World sitting in the main conference room of the United Nations. At the same time various countries were opposing the war, and protest rallies were held around the world. The effect of all that was a global debate on when it is appropriate to go to war, or innapropriate.

Since that high and mighty debate we've had a war, with all the grisly realties included in those activites. Accidental deaths from friendly fire, families killed by accident, people tortured, kidnappings, murder, theft, lootery, and more. War is Hell, and Hell has been unleashed. The idea I have gained is that those who would launch war should consider well before they do so, because they are going to unleash a bit of hell and brimstone. As the world tried to do just before this last war, the launchers of war should think about the causes, purposes, etc. But this war, like many, seems to have been launched for the basest of all possible purposes, megalomaniacal power over the world gained through ruling the center of the place where the worlds power comes from, namely the oil belt.

That's the purpose for this page, to look back over war in general, why, etc.

[2004-06-08] Weapon Proliferation: MANPAD: Shoulder launched missiles are being proliferated to "terrorists", and are seen as a grave threat. The irony is that the U.S. directly proliferated those same weapons to those same "terrorists" in the 1980's to aid their fight against the then-enemy, Russia, and their invasion of Afghanistan.

[2004-05-31] First to Fight Culture: This article illustrates what I am getting at above. It is written by a U.S. Marine, inspired by a discussion with his Marine buddy, about what Marine's are trained for. The author, Chris White, points out that Marines are trained for one thing, to locate enemies, infiltrate them, and destroy them. Their training does not include peace keeping, humanitarian aid, political correctness and all the rest. Their training would have them, when unleashed, go in and destroy a country so that we can achieve our military ends.

[2004-05-17] Torture in the Iraq War: Horrendous acts being perpetrated by U.S. Military. This cannot be fitting American values, but here it is being perpetrated by Americans acting in their official duties as American Soldiers and in the act of committing war in the name of us Americans.

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